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imageHow I Embraced Uncertainty in 2013

I turned 23 in July. I remember overhearing a conversation about the age of 23 being irrelevant. While it’s true 23 is a random number filled with weirdness due to post-college life and uncompleted adulthood, I can say this year has been better for me than any other in my 20s. Joining Flurt has been life-changing and all- empowering. Read more »

roommatesA Gurl’s Guide to Living in Harmony with Roommates

As scared as you are about living with roommates, imagine them feeling the exact same way. I know I feared living with people I had nothing in common with, but I made an effort to find out how we could find commonalities. For the first week I lived in my apartment we couldn’t hold a conversation with each other but now we can’t get each other to shut up. Read more »

www.loveaverage.comWhen it Comes to Your Body, Be Kind to Yourself

In order to create change we need to join together and support one another, rather than point out each other’s so called flaws.” On a regular basis we are bombarded with messages that tell us we do not measure up to social standards that are set for us. We need to start creating our own messages that do the opposite – messages that empower. Read more »

10934358924_574a60c3b0_bWhy Being Single is Awesome

If you’re unattached, you can pack up and move to any corner of the world with fewer ties to sever. You can travel to Iceland or South Korea on your own terms and conditions. Start a new job; and if your dream job isn’t within reach, go back to school and learn how to get there. With all this alone time you can work on novels, start blogs, paint things, take up welding and doodle on napkins. Read more »

AlexisStreet Style: Business-Casual Alexis

I caught Alexis hanging out at the Marriott in Edmonton for a drink before heading out for an afternoon on the town with some friends. She’s a 3rd year accounting student at NAIT and hopes to become a CPA upon graduation. “This outfit is pretty typical of my style.” Today she sports a relaxed, casual but classic look pairing denim and a blazer with a dressy top. Read more »

elfHow to Find Cruelty Free Beauty Products

Have you ever heard of the Draize test? It involves products being dropped into the eyes of rabbits, where these chemicals are left in their eyes for hours, days, even a few weeks at time to determine any harmful effects. If the dosage is tolerated then it’s upped until it’s determined that the animal can’t tolerate any more. Read more »

bluejasmineBlue Jasmine’s Perfect Ending

We have all or will hit a point where we feel on top of the world, but as this film points out, life isn’t a dream but a harsh reality, and is determined by your choices. In the end we see how far Jasmine’s consequences pile up, leaving her in a harsh real-life ending, not a romanticized cop-out ending we always see and have grown to expect. Read more »

Mother's loveIs There a Right Way to Birth a Child?

The US has seen an increase in natural childbirths over the past decade. The funny thing is that throughout history, women gave birth without doctors, medical interventions and/or medication. The western perspective on childbirth is a newer phenomenon, but is seen as the norm in our society. Read more »

2013-06-20_22.40.31We Want You!

Flurt is rebranding this new year and we’re planning on becoming a lot more focused around what you want. We’re building a community of young women who are able to network with each other and help each other achieve their goals. Will you join our movement? Click to find out more about how to join. Read more »